GRS and Florida Conservation – Partners in Fuel Reclamation Services


Fuel Reclamation pic
Fuel Reclamation

A graduate of the University of Miami with a bachelor of arts in sociology and business law, Antonio Junior went on to earn a master of business administration from Florida International University. Antonio Junior leverages his training to serve as head of Florida Conservation, Inc., in Miami Springs, Florida.

Florida Conservation, Inc. (FCI), a fuel reclamation company, has come to an agreement with GRS, LLC, to develop the fuel reclamation market in Florida. GRS and its partners provide fuel reclamation services to car rental clients in order to reduce fuel costs while improving clients’ bottom line. Under Mr. Junior’s leadership, FCI has become the top revenue producer within GRS’ national network of partners.

GRS and its partners use state-of-the-art equipment approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to extract fuel from returned rental vehicles that is then stored in holding tanks for future use. GRS and its partners use safe methods to bypass anti-siphon devices and can extract as much as 15 gallons of fuel per minute. Further, clients incur no out-of-pocket expenses when contracting with GRS and its partner companies.