Florida International University Named a Great College to Work For

Florida International University pic
Florida International University
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A leader in the Florida fuel reclamation market, Antonio Junior of Miami is the founder of Florida Conservation, Inc. In this role, he leads the Miami Springs company in providing efficient fuel reclamation services to rental car clients. Prior to founding Florida Conservation, Inc., Antonio Junior earned an MBA from Florida International University (FIU), which recently earned inclusion on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of Great Colleges to Work For.

Every year, The Chronicle of Higher Education surveys employees of colleges and universities to compile the list. In 2017, FIU was the only institution to attain Honor Roll designation by earning recognition in all 12 survey categories, which include Collaborative Governance, Confidence in Senior Leadership, Diversity, Job Satisfaction, Teaching Environment, and Compensation and Benefits.

The assessment process begins with an institutional audit regarding demographics and workplace policies, followed by an anonymous survey of faculty, staff, and administrators. This is the second straight year in which FIU achieved Honor Roll but the first time the school earned recognition across all 12 categories.


Miami Dade Urban Banker Association – NAUB

As the founder of Florida Conservation, Inc., in Miami Springs, Florida, Antonio Junior is responsible for overseeing the management retention and financial success of the company. Antonio Junior has also been associated with a number of charitable organizations, including previously being a president of the Miami Dade Urban Banker Association, a branch of the National Association of Urban Bankers (NAUB).

The Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC), formerly known as the National Association of Urban Bankers, is a nonprofit organization created to provide equitable treatment and participation for minorities in the financial services industry. The coalition provides advisory assistance and educational programs to help minority professionals take advantage of the financial programs available to them.

The organization that would become the UFSC was created in 1974 and has nearly 50 chapters throughout Canada and the United States with more than 3,000 members. The organization was started by several minority bankers from some of the nation’s larger cities including New York, Chicago, and Boston.

A Primer on Internal Audits

 Internal Audits pic
Internal Audits
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A graduate of the MBA program at Florida International University, Antonio Junior is the founder of Florida Conservation, Inc., in Miami Springs, Florida. Antonio Junior manages all corporate statements and budgeting concerns at the Miami-area firm.

In businesses of all sizes, internal auditing plays an essential role in ensuring the financial well-being of the company. While external audits are designed to give stakeholders an idea of how the company is running, internal audits are typically initiated by the business itself. Using the results of the internal audit, businesses can adjust their operations to maximize efficiency and work toward organizational goals.

During an internal audit, auditors typically begin by analyzing documents containing the company’s purpose, goals, and objectives. Auditors then assess performance by looking at financial records, observing the workplace, and interviewing employees. Internal auditors provide a neutral, third-party perspective on the business, providing an invaluable data point for executives. Indeed, many businesses organize internal audits on a regular basis.

The Early History of Broadway Theater

Broadway Theater District pic
Broadway Theater District
Image: spotlightonbroadway.com

An entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida, Antonio Junior is the founder of Florida Conservation, where he oversees all annual budgeting and implements organizational policies and procedures. Outside of his professional activities in Miami, Antonio Junior enjoys traveling to New York City to see plays on Broadway.

New York’s famous Broadway Theater District traces its roots to 1750, when Walter Murray and Thomas Kean opened a 280-person theater company on Nassau Street. Designed for ballad operas and Shakespearean plays, the theater company rose to fame by hosting the popular John Gay ballad opera The Beggar’s Opera.

Following the Revolutionary War at the end of the 18th century, the 2,000-seat Park Theater was built. Many more theaters were constructed in the first half of the 19th century, including Niblo’s Garden and the Astor Place Theatre. Toward the mid-1800s, musicals began to displace the previously popular Shakespearean plays, with burlesque troupes such as the British Blondes also gaining popularity. The first modern musical with choreographed dance and music occurred in 1866 and was five and a half hours long. The mid-century also marked the time that many theaters began moving to Broadway proper in Midtown Manhattan due to lower real estate prices.