7one’s Charitable Products


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Image: i7one.com

Antonio Junior is an entrepreneur and founder of Florida Conservation, Inc., a fuel-reclaiming service in Miami Springs, Florida, that works with many car rental companies to offer them an optimal experience with maximum gas conservation. Aside from his work with Florida Conservation, Inc., Miami’s Antonio Junior also spends time on his other ventures, one of which is called 7one.

7one is a life management mantra, or, in other words, a philosophy for a lifestyle that allows its user to take advantage of each day to its fullest potential. The concept asks its users to keep an open, positive mind while focusing on the present moment, while looking to the future. In more colloquial terms, 7one encourages living in the moment while realizing that all future goals are attainable.

However, 7one’s message is not solely focused on individual or self-serving elements. While the website offers a great many webinars, videos, and discussions on how best to utilize the lifestyle of 7one, users also have the option to purchase branded products from the site. These products (largely clothing) also help to fund numerous charities, such as the “wifelover” tank top, where proceeds from the sale is given to domestic abuse organizations. To learn more about 7one or contribute to its charity work, visit i7one.com