About Antonio Junior Miami

54df72257533d_@!@_7one 2015_RHP8948Antonio Junior, a diversely experienced business leader in Miami, Florida, founded his first company in 1996. Drawing on extensive experience in skycap services, he established Diversified Management International in a joint venture with Smarte Carte, Inc. Antonio Junior led the Miami-based company’s early growth as president, in which role he oversaw security, fuel maintenance, baggage checkroom, and skycap divisions.

In 2004, Antonio Junior leveraged his travel and tourism industry expertise to found Florida Conservation, Inc, a fuel reclaiming service for the car rental industry. The company operates in partnership with GRS, LLC, which has developed a method that allows clients to extract fuel with no investment outlay. He continues to lead Florida Conservation as GRS’s top revenue provider.

An active participant in the broader business world, Mr. Junior recently became a board member with litigation support group Globaldox. Past president of the Miami Dade Urban Banker Association, he has also led as national treasurer and southeast region director of the Airport Minority Advisory Council. He is also a donor to organizations that serve homeless families and is a recipient of the Key to the City of Omaha, Nebraska.


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