Hope for Change in Airline Management Gender Inequality

Airport Minority Advisory Council pic
Airport Minority Advisory Council
Image: amac-org.com

Antonio Junior of Miami, past Southeast Region Director of the Airport Minority Advisory Council, has received the President’s Award for outstanding service to the organization. Antonio Junior was recognized as the volunteer who demonstrated a dedication to the mission of the AMAC during the previous year. The Airport Minority Advisory Council promotes diversification within the airport industry, especially women, minority, and disadvantaged business owners.

There have been very few opportunities for women to be chief executives in the airline industry. Despite the change in the top management focus from pilots and engineers to customer service professionals, there have only been three promotions to the top tier of airline management in the last five years. This made the number of CEOs and Managing Directors increase from 15 to 18, a dismal showing. The overall male chief executive representation is at 94 percent.

There is hope that the industry is changing. Newer airlines that are customer-oriented are more likely to move women into the executive suite. The more modern-thinking airlines are promoting women to the second tier of management, the director level, which can be one step away from the C-suite.


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