Encouraging Innovation in the Workplace

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Encouraging Innovation in the Workplace
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Antonio Junior of Miami is an experienced entrepreneur who has applied his business and leadership skills to grow several organizations. In 2003, he founded Florida Conservation Inc., a fuel reclaiming service based in Miami that works with the rental car industry to manage their fuel reclamation efforts. As a business leader, Antonio Junior must pair effective management strategies with the ability to encourage innovation within his organizations.

Creating an environment in which employees can freely innovate and express their creativity can dramatically improve the success of a company. In a world where change takes place at lightning speeds, innovation can be critical to a company’s survival.

In 2005, Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt presented an approach to encouraging innovation in a corporate environment. According to Schmidt, a company can encourage innovation when it not only invests in current projects and products, but also allocates time and resources to creative and experimental thinking.

At Google, Schmidt encouraged employees to divide their time according to the 70-20-10 rule. In this approach, 70 percent of an employee’s time and resources is dedicated to the company’s core business, 20 percent to development of adjacent products and 10 percent to experimental projects.

Though there is merit to traditional methods of learning and development within a corporation, setting aside time that is dedicated to innovative thinking can drastically change the future of the company. Large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Home Depot, and Dell have all implemented the 70-20-10 rule in some form.


Michael Jordan Serves as Honorary Captain for University of Michigan

Michael Jordan pic
Michael Jordan
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Antonio Junior has several decades of experience founding and leading businesses, several of which have been based in the greater Miami area. Outside of his professional responsibilities in and around Miami, Antonio Junior follows the sport of basketball and considers Michael Jordan his favorite player.

Drawing the degree of attention that only the basketball legend could, Michael Jordan attended Michigan’s sold-out football season opener against the University of Hawaii. Introduced to the crowd as University of Michigan’s (UM) honorary captain, Mr. Jordan was welcomed with an emphatic roar of appreciation.

Wearing a gold and blue Jumpman brand shirt, Michael Jordan was seen at midfield sharing a few words with Major League Baseball’s Derek Jeter and the National Football League’s Charles Woodson, also a Wolverine alumnus, during pregame warm-ups. The first game of the 2016 season also marked the beginning of a new era as Jordan’s personal clothing brand Jumpman, a subsidiary of Nike, Inc., will outfit the University of Michigan’s football program for the next 15 years.

With help from Nike endorsee Charles Woodson and UM’s former athletic director Jim Hackett, the Wolverines became the first and only collegiate football program in the United States to bear the Jumpman logo. The contract, requiring the Wolverines football program to exclusively wear only Jordan brand attire, guarantees UM $85 million in Nike products and apparel for the next 15 years, and a total of $88 million in base compensation.