How Jordan Found a Best Friend in a Limo Driver

Michael Jordan pic
Michael Jordan

Antonio Junior serves as the founder of Florida Conservation, Inc., a company based in Miami Springs, Florida. Antonio Junior is also a huge sports fanatic and idolizes Michael Jordan who happens to share the same birthdate as him.

Michael Jordan’s basketball career is nothing short of legendary, as he has six NBA championships and five MVP awards under his belt. Moreover, he made 14 appearances in the NBA All-star games. His success is even more impressive since he was only chosen third overall during the 1984 NBA draft.

Despite all his success, Michael Jordan maintains close personal relationships with people who had helped him when he still new to the business. In fact, one of his best friends is a limo driver named George Koehler who picked him up when he first landed in Chicago. At the time, the Chicago Bulls forgot to send someone to pick him up. Pitying Jordan, Koehler offered to help him. During the ride, they found out that they both knew Larry Jordan, Michael’s brother, and the two bonded over the fact that Koehler attended the same school as Jordan’s brother. A few weeks later, Jordan called Koehler to hang out and the two remain friends to this day.


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