Three Key Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Miami Florida Image:
Miami Florida


As the founder of Miami-based Florida Conservations Inc., Antonio Junior is a successful entrepreneur. Even though he attained success, Antonio Junior continues to educate himself on entrepreneurship through books and articles. This passion for learning is a key trait usually shared by entrepreneurs. Here are three more traits commonly shared among those who start their own businesses.

1. Resilience – Being successful is about failing gracefully. Sir Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Entrepreneurs understand that failure comes with the territory, and they know how to deal with their failure, learn what they can from it, and try again.

2. Passion – The successful entrepreneur is passionate about what they do. While it’s easy to think money is the main motivator, the real motivation is usually in helping people through their company’s product or service.

3. Confidence – This trait ties in well to the other two, as entrepreneurs need to have plenty of self-confidence to get through failures, while also possessing a high level of confidence in their company. An entrepreneur who is both self-confident and confident in his company will find it easier to network and build valuable relationships that lead to further business opportunities.


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