Two Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship



An accomplished businessman, Antonio Junior founded Diversified Management International, Inc., in 1996 and Florida Conservation, Inc., in 2003. He has continuously served as the CEO of both companies, located in Miami Springs, Florida. In addition to his other pursuits, Antonio Junior closely follows entrepreneurial trends.

In 2016, the focus in entrepreneurship has been on developing sectors that some might consider “boring” when compared to the bigger startups that have emerged in recent years. Successful business, however, is largely predicated on finding and meeting consumer needs rather than being the “next big thing” on the cover of Forbes magazine. Expect the health care, education, business-to-business, and energy sectors to be a hotbed of startups over the next few years, as these are untapped markets for innovation.

Entrepreneurship is also trending in the direction of wide-ranging profit sharing, which creates an environment that spreads the wealth among the many instead of the few. There will be a steady movement further toward ecosystems that are geared toward economies of sharing that offer tangible value to the sectors in which they operate.


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