Guerrilla Marketing


Since I was little, I have been a creative person and always love to get inspire and start fun projects from little things for school to products I made profitable online. For me creativity is a way to release your mind and emerge yourself in your deep feelings and show that in whatever you project is about. In marketing and advertising is is really interesting when things get creative~out of the box and become a GREAT IDEA ~ for a product,  or ad campaign.

One of this many ways of creative marketing techniques is called Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is when you find an inexpensive unconventional, innovative, and creative  way to expose your product, brand, or idea.

This are some of 2014 favorite:
Cocacola guerrilla Marketing
Fedex Guerrilla Marketing

The Economist Guerrilla Marketing

Mercedes Benz Guerrilla Marketingcreative-ambient-ads-16112

mcdonalds guerrilla Marketng

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5 Ways to streamline your services operations


Whether you have 10 employees or 5,000; leading service businesses around the globe realized the value of boosting teamwork in the workplace through collaboration and bringing a team together and how this can decrease non-billable bench time, improve project management, automate billing and invoicing process, and optimize revenue and profitability reporting.

While for many services organizations, finding the right balance between improving communications by giving their team the tools to work across multiple projects and adapting the right resource and project management that will help to increase visibility, improve delivery with higher quality.

Several questions need answers with current or the next project and resource management solution that your services organization will adopt and it is also an indicator for something we can (or we should) fix. Here are a few things you can do to streamline your services operations.

1 – Increase Client Involvement and Streamline Experience
Deepen your…

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