Company Culture, The Marketing Foundation

You’re probably looking at this title and wondering why a marketing company is writing about company culture. After all, employee relations are the responsibility of Human Resources, right? Wrong. Your company culture sets the tone for the entire perception of your business, services and products. A positive company culture is the very basic foundation of marketing and a faulty foundation will leave your marketing strategy and business in shambles.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, the company culture you cultivate means everything. A positive workplace can improve employee retention and happy employees at that! Happy team members create higher customer satisfaction ratings. A toxic culture closes doors, not only to gaining long-term qualified employees but the doors to your business.

Cultivating your company culture into a positive environment isn’t necessarily difficult. It takes lockstep communications across the company, starting with your leadership, internal marketing to get buy in from your employees and consistency. Positive messages…

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